The problem with full commission is it is also perceived by the sales person to be “no obligation” as they don’t feel as obligated to the company to say or do the things that they might if only paid a small base salary. The real estate business was built on full commission and to try to turn it upside down seems to be a large undertaking however we can exercise some control of the people that work for us by creating some Qualifiers rather than watch them do everything they can to not do their jobs. One broker reported recently that he has started a policy of firing his agents that don’t perform in the manner that they were hired. As an example if the real estate agent doesn’t follow up on a lead within 12 hours and add it to the companies CRM they agent is written up and provided additional training. If the offense happens again, the agent is released on the spot.

The brokerage has increased both volume and average sales price per agent by enforcing simple rules and holding people accountable.

There are less extreme methods of motivating full commissioned sales people however the best idea must be enforced or it will never take root.

During a recent seminar each of the brokers for a national real estate company were surprised to find out that they all had the same problem and that is getting their agents to make outbound phone calls



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