People like being reassured before they invest in a product or service. For instance, people want to see/hear positive reviews of a restaurant before they give it a try. Another excellent example of this would be the real estate industry. Homebuyers and sellers want to know they are working with a reputable individual who has demonstrated a track record for success. If you are a real estate agent, one of the best ways to convince buyers and sellers to higher you share positive customer testimonials over the internet. Many agents are unaware that there are several methods of doing so. Here are some tips to make the most of your customer testimonials online. 

Share across social media channels

Every real estate agent should take advantage of social media in 2019. If you receive a positive customer testimonial, be sure to share it across all your social media sites. If a prospective buyer or seller who liked your page in the past, they may see the positive news on their newsfeed and may think about hiring you as their agent. The goal should be to get prospective buyers and sellers to reach out to you and ask for more information. With this, it is always a good idea to include your contact information when you share happy customer reviews. 

Blog about your success stories

Are you struggling to come up with ideas for your blog page? Why not highlight a few of your customer testimonials by sharing the stories behind them? You could discuss how you helped one of your clients throughout different stages of the homebuying process. You can cover important details such as why they came to you, how you helped them narrow down their search, what you did that they liked, etc. Just be sure that you get your customer’s written permission first.

Place them on your website

Many agents decide to have a testimonial page on their website. The main benefit of having a stagnant location for your customer testimonials is that it makes it easy to refer prospective buyers and sellers back to when they have expressed interest in your services. You may also want to think about including customers on your homepage, sidebars, or banners.

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