Homes are continuing to sell during the COVID-19 pandemic. Real estate agents and sellers are using technology to advertise homes and effectively communicate with prospective buyers during these challenging times. As Americans continue to follow social distancing measures, there are several outdoor projects that homeowners can tackle this spring to increase the resale value of their homes. Many of these projects bear little to no cost. Consider the following areas as you prepare to list your home for sale this spring or summer. 

Your garden

One of the best ways to enhance your property’s curb appeal is to tidy up your garden. A fresh layer of mulch goes a long way in highlighting the plants on your property by providing contrast in color. Also, a few hours spent weeding will go a long way to improve the appearance of any plant life you have around the exterior of your home. This straightforward step will not cost you any money if you have the right tools on hand (gardening gloves, rakes, weed killer, etc).

Your home’s windows

Dirty windows are incredibly off-putting to buyers. They can give off the perception that the rest of the home is dirty. When buyers tour your home, they tend to want to see the views from each window of the home. Before your home hits the market, ensure that every window is thoroughly cleaned both inside and out.

Your garage or shed

Home buyers today are looking for ample storage space. If you plan to sell your home soon, now is an excellent time to rid your garage or shed of any unnecessary clutter. Unnecessary items will only make the area appear smaller in size. Also, it is good to spend some time cleaning these places through either sweeping or power washing. 

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