Are you searching for new ways to improve your real estate marketing this year? With social media at the forefront of digital marketing, your marketing strategy is the backbone of your success as a real estate agent in 2019. No matter which digital platforms you choose for your strategy, your marketing content should be compelling and relatable to your target audience throughout the year. Continue reading and discover a few ways to improve your real estate marketing strategy.

Attract new social media followers

Every real estate agent today should have a handful of social media platforms in their marketing arsenal. Once you have established social media pages on key platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, you can then build engagement campaigns to attract more followers over time. By actively engaging your existing followers with compelling content, you can also draw new followers to your page with call-to-action posts that encourage your followers to share a post or tag a friend. 

Include a welcome video on your homepage

What do your website visitors see when they open your website homepage? To immediately grab their attention, consider including a welcome video. Showing a highlight reel of your successes and positive client feedback can help to build a lasting positive impression of your services for potential clients.

Actively interact with your followers

Simply owning a social media page and occasionally posting to it is not sufficient for building a strong following. With this, interacting with your followers online is crucial to the success of your business pages. By answering questions and responding to comments, you can generate conversation surrounding real estate topics for clients and followers.

Request honest reviews

One of the best ways to enhance your professional reputation is to seek honest reviews from past clients. Many businesses today direct their satisfied customers to pages such as Yelp! and Google Reviews for feedback. 

Local Keywords

As you showcase your expertise online, be sure to use local keywords so that your pages rank higher on search engines. A higher search-engine ranking will allow homebuyers searching in your area to see your listings more easily.

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