Video marketing is now a dominant force in the real estate industry. In 2019, realtors use a variety of marketing tactics from traditional advertising methods like paper ads to newer digital marketing campaigns, which are heavily reliant on social media. With this, video is quickly becoming one of the best mediums for agents to connect with interested buyers and sellers online. Keep reading and discover a few tips on how to improve your real estate video marketing in 2019.

Focus on the message

Creating video content is fun and exciting. However, it is crucial to first identify a specific message to convey to your audience. Many agents make the mistake of including excess information into a single video, which can often deter your audience. An overabundance of information can potentially confuse or annoy a viewer, leading them to exit out of the video. In most cases, it best to keep videos shorter, which will also keep your message concise as well.

Include music

If you are looking for an easy way to add excitement to your video content, consider including background music in your videos. The right music will help evoke emotions to your potential buyers. For example, if you want to excite your viewers when you are discussing your services, you may want to think about including some happy and upbeat tunes.

Proper lighting

Lighting can make or break a video. A room with dark lighting will likely have unattractive shadows that will negatively affect your video quality. On the other hand, a room that is too bright could turn viewers away. For this reason, it is important to ensure that the lighting is right for your video before filming.

Mobile-friendly videos

Now more than ever, people are fixated on their mobile devices. Since a large percentage of your population uses their mobile devices to view video content, businesses need to make their marketing videos mobile-friendly.

End with a call to action

Always include a call to action at the end of your videos to inspire your viewers to take action on your services. A reminder at the end of your videos is critical to the success of your campaign. If your goal is for them to reach out to you, provide your telephone number and other important contact information at the end of the video. If the purpose of a video is to get interested buyers and sellers to follow you on social media, be sure to end the video by sharing your social links.

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