Social media should be a part of every digital marketing campaign in 2019. In a highly competitive industry, agents should look to social media channels as an effective way to separate from the competition. If you are an agent, who is looking to strengthen their social media presence this year, keep reading for a few helpful tips.

Engage with audiences

This is where many agents go wrong- they post high-quality content online, but do not respond to the comments and questions on their posts. By engaging with potential clients on social media, you are putting your commitment to customer service on display. With this, do your best to respond to social media messages in a timely fashion. 

Use the right social media platforms

There are several social media platforms to choose from today. Popular options for businesses today include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and LinkedIn. While it is beneficial to utilize a variety of social media platforms, you are better off choosing just a few that make the most sense for your business. For example, Facebook continues to be seen as one of the most effective social media sites of real estate professionals who are looking to connect with leads. 

Share positive customer reviews

Are you looking for an easy way to build your online reputation? Sharing positive customer reviews is an excellent way to promote your real estate services. Try reaching out to a few of your former clients and ask them to write you a short review that you can share across your social media channels. There are also places on social media platforms like Facebook, where customers can leave a review of your business. You can take this one step further and request video testimonials as well. In terms of SEO, video content trumps written content. 

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