Does your real estate business have a Facebook group? If not, you are missing out on an opportunity to grow your business with a proven-effective tool. For years, Facebook has been the top social platform for real estate professionals because it is multi-dimensional and its popularity. Continue reading and discover a few reasons why your real estate business should run a Facebook group. 

Increases website traffic

Real estate professionals should always be looking for ways to drive more traffic to their website. Social media sites are excellent resources for promoting all types of marketing content. The objective of email marketing is to steer your audiences back to your website to learn about your business and why they should hire you.

Larger email list

Email marketing continues to be an effective way for businesses to market their services online. With a single click, you can alert potential homebuyers of new property listings, as well as any relevant updates with your services. However, many real estate professionals struggle with email marketing because they can’t keep a large enough email mailing list. It is important to remember that even satisfied clients will fall off your email mailing list after they buy or sell their house. You always should be trying to grow your email list because unsubscribers are to be expected. Your Facebook group can be an excellent place to promote your email newsletter to help grow your list.

A place to connect with clients

Social media allows businesses to interact with their audiences directly. Unlike many traditional marketing tactics, social media is not one-sided. Businesses can not only use Facebook to post written and video content, but they can also interact directly with buyers and sellers. On your Facebook group, your buyers and sellers can ask questions by commenting on posts or directly messaging you.

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